Wade's School Pictures

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School pictures were generally taken in the Fall every year... September or November... Following are my school pictures... plus a couple extra...

September 1976

September 1977

November 1977

November 1978

November 1979

November 1980

Kindergarten - November - 1981

1st Grade class picture

1st Grade

On my 7th birthday, I had a toothless grin

2nd Grade class picture

2nd Grade

3rd Grade class picture

3rd Grade

4th Grade - Fall 1985

We had family pictures taken in the fall of 1985...
This was taken at that time...

Here are Matt and Jill with me... part of the family...

5th Grade class picture

5th Grade

6th Grade class picture

6th Grade

Two copies of this picture had writing on them,
one had "'88 7th grade"...
the other had "1989" on the back...
7th grade was 1988-89...

Not sure... 7th Grade or 8th?? Nothing on this picture at all...
several years school pictures were taken in both the fall and spring...

"8th Grade - November 1989" written on the back...

I'm hoping this is the right order and the explanation is that the first two pictures are 7th grade, the first taken in the fall of the 1988-89 school year and the second one with braces taken in the spring... and the third picture is 8th grade, taken in November 1989 of the 1989-90 school year.

9th Grade - 1990

10th Grade

11th Grade

Junior/Senior Prom 1993
Mandi... just a friend

Three senior pictures... taken in August 1993

Senior Prom 1994
With Sarah... just a friend

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