Christmas Memories

Christmas... one of my favorite times of the year...

These are a few of my favorite Christmas photos and memories...

These first three pictures were taken in 1969...
Matt's second Christmas...

The picture above is me and Matt... he couldn't hold still for a picture and wanted to get on with opening the presents.

Grammy Juleen gets a kiss from Matt

Of course, Matt got a LOT of presents, being the first grandchild, and our first child. He was just so excited with each and every gift he opened, whether a toy or clothes; it didn't matter. Grammy had a full length mirror in her entry hall and when Matt would open a box with clothes, he would run over to the mirror holding them up in front of himself to see how he looked. He got pajamas and this little red robe from Grammy and Grampa and just had to give Grammy a kiss.

Matt also got this little airplane that same Christmas, a wagon, lots of clothes and lots of books... he loved reading books.

Matt was just 13 months old that Christmas and was talking quite a bit for his age. One thing he would say was, "pree lil lice" (pretty little lights) pointing to any Christmas lights he saw as we drove around town.

I have to say Christmas 1969 was one of my very favorite Christmas's and is one of my favorite memories.

One of my very favorite photos of Matt and Jill...

This is our Christmas card photo from 1972.
Matt was just 4 and Jill was 2 1/2.
We took a whole roll of film, trying to get a good picture for our Christmas card and in every picture they were giggling and laughing and just having the most fun... not looking at the camera. We never did get the picture we thought we wanted... but we got a lot of good fun ones that I treasure even more.


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