Who Me?? Trouble???

My Mother had a great deal of trouble with me
but I think she enjoyed it.

I thought you might like to see a few pictures of me when I was little and hear a couple of more stories. When I saw the above quote in a greeting card recently, the kind with the an antique photo on the front, I thought it perfect for a post about me. Hopefully my Mother would agree.

Besides the Jimmy stories, some of the stories Mother has told about me include:

When I was about 2, as I sat in my highchair waiting for breakfast, I would ask, "Are my eggs donnnnnnnnuh" stretching out the N sound, ending with nuh.

Opal and me
(I'm throwing a kiss)

Supposedly I liked to eat dirt. Doesn't that mean you have some deficiency in your body, like iron?? My Aunt Opal tells that I would stand on my little red chair and sing, "I like to eat dirt." One time we were visiting Aunt Opal and I was not eating whatever lunch she had made, so she went out and got a bowl of dirt and set it in front of me, and I started eating it. Mother was so mad at both of us... Opal for giving it to me... me for eating it.

Another thing I said was "there" when ever I was finished with whatever I was doing. They say that when it's too quiet, a Mother should know that there is some trouble brewing. One day Mother heard me say "there" several times after a period of quiet... she finally came to see what I was done doing and found me in the bathroom, anything I could get my hands on I was putting in the toilet and after each, I would say, "there!" Luckily I hadn't flushed.

I was potty trained very young, barely over a year old... or was it my Mother who was "trained" to take me every 1/2 hour?? As I got older and was trusted not to have an accident it was just left up to me, however I didn't particualarily like to be bothered, wasting my time with coming in, so I would wait until the last possible minute, when it was almost an emergency. Then here I would come, a flying, my long curls straight out behind my head, I was running so fast to get to the bathroom in time.

Me when I was 3 or 4

Another story Mother told happened when I was about three. She and Daddy would put Jerri and I to bed in the evening and then they'd pop corn for a snack. One evening I wasn't asleep yet when they did this and I came out, hands on my hips, and said, "Fine thing! Put your kids to bed and then pop corn." That night I got to stay up and eat popcorn with them and they never did that again... that I know of anyway.